Cameras at Powell Barnett Park?

At the Take Back the Neighborhood march we heard calls for cameras to be used to make the Central Area safer. In recent weeks, support for cameras, has been voiced by Mayor Ed Murray, Chief O’Toole, the African American Community Advisory Council, Mothers for Police Accountability as well as members of the City Neighborhood Council, District and Community Councils.

We are well aware of privacy concerns and past issues with the cameras that were installed at Cal Anderson Park. We firmly believe that privacy and policy concerns can be addressed with good law making. We also feel compelled to point out that, in 2008, when the Cal Anderson cameras were installed, the primary concerns were identified as vandalism, drug dealing, and public sex. This time around residents fear for their lives and the lives of their families. The stakes are much higher and call for a more aggressive, proactive response. We believe that simply by existing, well marked, overt cameras will, by themselves prove to be a deterrent. When used as a tool by SPD and prosecutors they will prove their worth by providing needed evidence to remove dangerous individuals from our community.

At the July EastPAC meeting, we took a vote of those in attendance, that EastPAC draft a letter in support of public cameras being placed around Powell Barnett Park. As we approach the city leadership we want to show what the pulse of the community is.

Please select your answer and if you would like to elaborate use the comment form below.

Poll: Do you support non-permanent overt public cameras focusing on traffic in and around the park in an effort to mitigate gun violence/shootings?

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